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Welcome to the Isle Royale Info site. This site is dedicated to providing information about Isle Royale National Park located in Lake Superior. It is meant to be a central point of reference for anyone wanting to go there, or just know more about Isle Royale.

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Program Descriptions

Note: The programs are ONLY available in Windows format. I have been told of a Windows shell that can be installed on the MAC, but no one one has contacted me about testing it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Some Comments:
"I purchased your book a year ago and found it to be very informative. Now with this new release and the user interface, I find it to be just as informative, but so much easier to use and find info. The addition of the trip planner is great. I use it often as I am planning my trip and exploring options. Great job!"   John F.

"I became addicted to the trip planner. So much so, that while on a different computer, without the program installed, I kept hovering over the regular Isle Royale map waiting for the descriptions to pop up. The program, as well as the trip planner, has been invaluable to me. Thank you for all of your hard work."   Lynn C.

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The Base Camp Program

This program provides an interface to the book "Isle Royale Info - A Comprehensive Guide to Isle Royale National Park". It will load chapters of the book, provide updates, and optionally, upgrades based on the package purchased. It is not necessary to run the program to read the chapters. Each chapter is a PDF file that can be opened independently. The program is only needed to get updates and for the initial installation. The complete document is still included, but it will most likely only be updated once a year and it does not include links to pictures and charts. This gives you one document you can read and export to an "EBook" if you wish.

When the program is installed, it creates a listing under your Start -> All Programs -> Isle Royale Info.
This directory contains "Isle Royale Info - Base Camp", "Isle Royale Info - Trip Planner" and "Isle Royale Info - Uninstall". You are also prompted if you wanted to make shortcut on your desktop. Click on the shortcut if you created it, or go into your "Programs" and click on "Isle Royale Info - Base Camp" to start the program.

When initially started, you will see a "splash" screen with a logo for 10 seconds unless you click somewhere in it. After that time, or after you click in it, you are prompted for your password. You receive a "default" password that is displayed when you install the program. This can and should be changed to something easy to remember for you to use. Once the correct password is entered, the "Base Camp" console is displayed as shown at the below.

Book and Program DVD Cover - select for a larger image in new tab

dvd cover.

Menu Bar
The menu bar at the top of the main screen provides the interface to the documents and tools associated with the program. This is a quick description of the items. A more detailed description is provided in the User's Manual included with the program.

Base Camp Main Screen
Program Menu

Selecting "Program" and a drop-down menu will appear with three choices having to do with the program:
 Pack Up   will close any open chapters (PDF's) while leaving the program open.
 Take The Tent Down  closes just the Base Camp program.
 Go Back Home  will close all open documents and the program.

Table of Contents Menu

 Table of Contents 
Selecting "Table of Contents" and a drop-down menu will appear with all of the available sections and the complete document. The sections are described in detail in book description. Select any one of them and it will open up in your default PDF viewer program. You can have multiple sections open at the same time.

 Trip Planner 
Select "Trip Planner" and this program will open in a new window. The Trip Planner is a separate program and provides a map of the island with details on trails, campgrounds, points of interest and other items. This program is detailed further down this page.

Multi-Tools Menu

Left-click on "Multi-Tools and a drop-down menu will appear with these four choices having to do with program updates and setup.
 New Equipment  will go online and see if there is an update for either the "Base Camp" or "Trip Planner" programs available.
 Check the Weather  will open a new window and get the dates of all of your chapters, then go online to see what the latest versions are.
 Go Backcountry  will open up a new window that will allow you to select your own personal password.
 Move Base Camp  will open up a new window that allows you to save the current location of the program console window.

Help Me Menu

 Help Me! 
Select "Help Me!" and a drop-down menu will appear with these six choices having to do with helpful information.
 Look at the Instructions  will open the User's Manual in a new window.
 Go to the Isle Royale INFO Website  will open your default browser and go to the Isle Royale Info website.
 Go to the Isle Royale Web Board  will open your default browser and go to Isle Royale Forums website.
 Ask a Ranger  will open up a window in your browser and allow you to send a problem report, suggestions or comments about the program directly to us.
 Get a New Permit  will open a new window and allow you to enter a new license number if you upgraded.
 Where Am I At?  will open a new window with information on the programs and your license.

Trip Planner Program Icon

The Trip Planner Program

This program provides a map for quick reference of Trails, Portages, Campgrounds and Points of Interest on the island. It is meant to be an aid in planning and learning about the island. It can be opened and referenced as you are going through the document. It is packaged and installed as part of the "Base Camp" program.

The map is divided into east and west sections. This was necessary to be able to display enough detail in the map and still be able to fit it on most computer monitors. As it is, a screen size of 1014 wide x 618 tall is required to display the full map.

When entering the map, the cursor will change to an "Up Arrow". As it is moved over an object with information (Campground, Trail, etc.), it will turn to a small arrow with a question mark, the item will be highlighted and quick information on that item is displayed. If the left mouse button is clicked while on the item, more detailed information will be displayed in a pop-up window. At the end of the description, in [brackets], is what section of the book it is described in (Long Trails, Short Trails, etc.).

section of the Greenstone Ridge Trail selected

trip planner program west side window - select to see actual size.

Chippewa Harbor Campground selected

trip planner program east side window - select to see actual size.

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