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Welcome to the Isle Royale Info site. This site is dedicated to providing information about Isle Royale National Park located in Lake Superior. It is meant to be a central point of reference for anyone wanting to go there, or just know more about Isle Royale.

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Itinerary Generator Program - Revisions and History

This page list the latest information on the program. This includes the history, current versions and any documented problems.

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Current Relases

These are the current releases of the program, supporting programs and documentation:

Itinerary Generator.exe
Itinerary Generator Installation.exe
Itinerary Generator Updater.exe
Users Manual.pdf

dated: 09/18/2016

Reported Problems


There are currently no documented problems.

Program and Version History

Creation Began:
Alpha Testing Began:
Beta Testing Began: Release: Release:

- Fixed a minor bug when starting and selecting in the file area, but not on a file. it would show an error.
- Once a file was selected, if you selected the same file, it would reload the file. It now checks first.
- Added the Tobin Harbor trail as an alternate route from Rock Harbor and Three Mile.
- Fixed the miles value from Three Mile to Chickenbone East, It said different values.
- Reviewed all and revised some RTF description files.

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